Sipo, Solid Plank, Grade: Select

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Wood Details
Wood Density (kg/m3) 620
Wood Hardness (pound-force) 1180
Stability(<1,5=very stable; 1,5-2,8=stable; >2,8=unstable) 1.6
Profile Type Tongue & Groove
Edge Type Long sides Micro bevelled edge 1.5mm @ 45°
Underfloor Heating Not recommended. See Under Floor Heating Guidelines
Origin Central and West Africa
Botanical name Entandrophragma utile
Other Names African mahogany, Mebrou zuiri, Assie, Tshimaje rosso, Kosi - kosi, Afaukonkonti
Description The heartwood of Sipo, alos known as African mahogany, is uniform medium reddish brown. Sapwood is well-defined paler yellow. Generally lacks any dramatic figuring of grain that is common in the closely related Sapele. Grain is interlocked, with a medium uniform texture. It has moderate natural luster and equal reddish brown colour with tint of violet.
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