Ipe, Solid Plank, Grade: Select

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Wood Details
Wood Density (kg/m3) 1000
Wood Hardness (pound-force) 3680
Stability(<1,5=very stable; 1,5-2,8=stable; >2,8=unstable) 1.8
Profile Type Tongue & Groove except 8/9mm thickness
Edge Type Long sides Micro beveled edge 1.5mm @ 45°
Underfloor Heating Not recommended. See Under Floor Heating Guidelines
Photosensitivity Color is not significantly affected by exposure to light.
Origin Tropical South-America
Botanical name Tabebuia
Other Names Brazilian Ebony, Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Irontree, Tajibo, Guayacan, Lapacho, Arcwood
Description Ipe hardwood flooring is incredibly durable. The wood's dense cell structure serves as a natural deterrent to insects, decay, and molds, ensuring that an Ipe floor will last quite a while. Because of this natural resilience it is often the first choice for decking. It has almost unparalleled ability to withstand the elements. More than just durable, Ipe wood is also very pleasing to the eye. With a Class A fire rating it occupies the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel. Ipe floors make an excellent choice for durability, safety and beauty. Olive-brown to dark brown with green patches here and there. Grain is not so straight. Hard, durable and extremely stable.
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