Canadian Maple, Solid Plank, Grade: SuperSelect

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Wood Details
Wood Density (kg/m3) 650
Wood Hardness (pound-force) 1450
Stability(<1,5=very stable; 1,5-2,8=stable; >2,8=unstable) 2.6
Profile Type Tongue & Groove except 8/9mm thickness
Edge Type Long sides Micro beveled edge 1.5mm @ 45°
Underfloor Heating Not recommended. Please see Under Floor Heating Guidelines
Photosensitivity Color will darken slightly with age.
Origin North America/Canada
Botanical name Acer saccharinum
Other Names Ahorn, Erable, European maple, Field maple, Bird’s Eye maple, Black maple, Canadian maple, Curly maple, Fiddleback maple, Hard maple, Rock maple, Sugar maple, White maple, Bigleaf maple, Broadleaf maple, Oregon maple, Pacific Coast maple, Western maple, Silver maple, Soft maple, White maple, Ashleaf maple, Boxelder, Manitoba maple
Comment A face 90 to 95% white
Description "Hard White Maple" typically has lively texture. Maple flooring is bright and attractive and it is a classic hardwood standard in the United States. The light, pale tone of maple wood accentuates the light of any room, both brightening the room and simultaneously making it appear more expansive. The yellowish-brown heartwood is accompanied by tones that are sometimes tinged with reddish-brown. Maple hardwood flooring has a fine, uniform texture and is incredibly strong and shock resistant, with particular resistance to abrasion and wear, making a maple floor a beauty that you will be able to enjoy in your home for years to come. The grain is usually straight but also can be curly or wavy with brown lines making the growth rings. Aside from flooring, Maple is used for making a variety of music instruments.
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