Am. Walnut, Solid Parquet, Grade: Select

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Wood Details
Wood Density (kg/m3) 650
Wood Hardness (pound-force) 1010
Stability(<1,5=very stable; 1,5-2,8=stable; >2,8=unstable) 2.3
Profile Type Tongue & Groove
Edge Type Long sides Micro beveled edge 1.5mm @ 45°
Underfloor Heating Not recommended. See Under Floor Heating Guidelines
Photosensitivity Color is fairly resistant upon exposure to light.
Origin USA
Botanical name Juglans nigra
Other Names Black Walnut, Butternut, White walnut, Tropical walnut, American black walnut, Eastern black walnut, Gun-wood, Wavey black walnut, Canaletto, Black hickory nut, American Walnut
Comment Maximum 30% sapwood. Top selection with all natural color and texture variations. Maximum 30% of sound sapwood allowed on A face; can be across the width of the boards at times. Occasionally some knots up to 20mm are allowed (maximum 3 knots/lin meter; open knots are filled); sound knots up to 10mm are allowed without limitation.
Description Walnut is well known for its dark brown heartwood, often featuring a purplish cast and darker streaks. It is one of the harder wood species and provides a warming tone that creates an atmosphere of tradition and classic elegance which lends itself to both modern and rustic decor. Softer than most exotic species, Walnut offers more character and deeper colour than just about any other specie available.
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